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In 2015, Glasgow University Entrepreneurship Society (GUES) was founded as a student-run society with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship amongst students.

Throughout the years, we have worked with a wide variety of organisations throughout the UK, always endorsing our motto: "Constantly Challenge The Status Quo".

Join The Board

There are two important dates throughout the academic year that you do not want to miss. Those are the elections for the board around April. As the academic year closes, new executive board members are recruited, such as the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. General Representative positions will be advertised at the beginning of the new academic year.

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We are excited for you to join our society!

We are a friendly and open society, dedicated to welcome Glasgow University students of all backgrounds and subjects. Membership is required to participate in our varied and engaging social and academic events, which are run throughout the academic year.

The membership fee is £5 for the full year and can be acquired through the SRC website, or though direct transfer*

*Otherwise, please message our Facebook page, Glasgow University Entrepreneurship Society.



Our society provides members the opportunity to engage in a series of events throughout the academic year.

The society provides members the opportunity to engage in a series of events throughout the academic year. To allow both an academic and social focus, we organise:

  • Entrepreneurship-oriented events, which vary from
    • Speaker Events with innovative business owners:
      • 5-10-22: Tomasz Sadowski, CEO at Opinew (e-commerce)
      • 26-10-22: Gordon White, CEO at FatBuzz (marketing and branding)
      • 9-11-22: Inez Hogarth, Managing Director at Data Understood (data consultancy)
      • 10-2-23: Mark Logan, COO at Skyscanner (startup advisor) The Link to the event ( Sixth Speaker Event Featuring Mark Logan Tickets, Fri 10 Feb 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite)
      • 1-3-23: David Dwyer, CEO at Inspire Digital (digital marketing)
      • 15-3-23: Joan Kangro, CEO at Kingdom Technologies (tech startup)
    • Start-up Grind, an interactive exchange between students and successful entrepreneurs
    • Start-up Factory, a large-scale pitching competition with prizes up to £1000 to finance business ideas
    • SEN (Scottish Entrepreneurial Network) collaborations
    • other partner events
  • Social events, Past events include
    • pub quizzes
    • themed nights
    • sub crawls
    • scavenger hunts
    • ...and many more

And - we are always open to event suggestions!


Our Partners

Find out who we are working with this year!

We as the entrepreneur society have a close and exciting partnership with Inspire Digital Agency who are one of Scotland’s biggest digital agencies! We are extremely excited to be working with Inspire this year. Members can look forward to open positions and events to participate in within their company.

We have also formed a partnership with Exporaise to help bring an insight into innovative Scottish startups.


The Scottish Enterpreneurship Network

We're proud to be affiliated with the Scottish Entrepreneurship Network.

The Scottish Entrepreneur Network is a student led venture that encompasses the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews.

This Network is an exciting body that organises multiple events for over 800 students to participate in order to drive and broaden innovative ideas and cooperation!

Media Monitor


Our latest series of articles about different Scottish startups!

We have partnered with Exporaise to offer insight into a number of Scotland-based startups. These will cover companies from different industries across various stages of their growth journeys. Read our latest blog posts here.

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